Where are the highest points of the planet?

Where are the highest points of the planet?

Getting higher than the skies, has been an eternal dream of humanity, and it is successfully realized in numerous tremendous building projects. Let’s have a look at the highest skyscrapers of our planet, and  rejoice of their high views!

Pertonas Twin Towers are the twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, that were the highest buildings in the world up to 2004.

Their shape is very particular, and once you get acquainted, you will keep it in your memories:

Petronas Towers

And here’s what you can admire, when climbing this fortress of steel and glass:

Petronas View1

Petronas View3 Petronas View4

For Dubai values a lot its tourists and visitors, they make everything for you to be pleased and secure, they made their well-known skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, the biggest and very visitor-friendly. The building offers you not only a spectacular view, but also a story of its creation, high-tech technologies and luxury lounge. The building is so beautiful, that it is impossible to limit it to one picture.

burj khalifa1



And here’s what its altitude offerts to the visitors, a Falcon’s eye view, as they call it:





Next comes Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, the world’s largest clock tower with the largest clock face. It’s hands come up to 23 meters! It is dedicated first of all to all those Muslim pilgrims  who come to the Grand Mosque at Hajj. It is one of the leading hotels in the middle east, that is provided with all facilities for the commodity of its residents. As for scientific entertainment, there’s also a lunar observation and a cosmology museum. Have a look at this breathtaking building:



Once you profit from the elevator well-thought system of Makkah Clock Tower, here’s what views will be open for you:

Clock Tower view1

Clock Tower view4

Clock Tower view5

Let’s stay at these three beauties for now, but the story didn’t come to its end. Read on at the following posts!

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