The United States summer tour

The United States summer tour

USA is an amazing and relatively young country, where almost all the mixed cultures and nationalities of the planet form a unique cocktail that gave rise to the unity of the multitude. We can say that New Yorkthe United States is not like any in the country, and like almost every one of them – it all depends on what part of the country you arrive and what city or area visit. Millions of tourists come to America every year, choosing routes and entertainment to the heart and opportunities. U.S. Is famous for great natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park and Hanauma Bay, and dozens more places, that are unique and picturesque, created by a variety of local climates and landscapes.

During its relatively short (by European standards) history the United States got a lot of cultural monuments, which are carefully restored and protected, collected in the collections and exhibitions in numerous museums. Sights of the country can be regarded as entire cities – Washington, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami. And it is not a complete list of titles,  known to almost everyone in the world.America1 Just a walk along the streets of these famous cities is already an adventure. If you do not plan to show off on a trip, the flight will take the lion’s share of the costs. Being on the territory of the States, you will always have a huge range of prices and offers on accommodation and food. Of course, you can not call such journey a cheap trip, but it is  moderately expensive, especially if you think about all the variety of experience that  this amazing country is able to offer you.

United States is a country where luster of luxury and prosperity coexists with poverty, and provincial cities stay aside by skyscrapers tickling the sky. Here live the most enterpreneurial people in the world who know that the American tale – is not an empty phrase, but something more real than a strong morning coffee.
America gave the world a lot of iconic things and achievements, which became symbols of their eras: the trace left by a man on the moon, most floridabig-budget cinema world, blues and rock ‘n’ roll, the legendary “Ford Mustang” and “Chevrolet Camaro”, caps, in which flaunt guys with bats, and Stetson, covering the top of the brutal sun cowboys with radiant Hollywood smile, jeans, that are a most demanded of modern man’s wardrobe, the universal gesture “OK”, which is known to even the representatives of the primitive tribes of Kalimantan, and much more.

13 things to do in the U.S.
1. Climb the Empire State Building, and enjoy the view of New York with a bird’s-eye view.
2. Climb the Statue of Liberty or bypass it on the boat.
3. Feed ducks in one of the ponds heart of Manhattan, the Central Park.
4. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.
5. Make an evening stroll along Broadway.
6. Watch a five-minute movie about the U.S. Capitol, Washington.
7. Climb Washington memorial, the main observation deck of the city.
8. Loose head in the center of entertainment and gambling in Las Vegas.
9. Join to the world of stars, strolling along the Hollywood Alley of Glory and take a picture on a background of fpopular HOLLYWOOD title.
10. With your own eyes, see portraits of four U.S. presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln carved into Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.
11. Plunge into the world of childhood at Disneyland (Orlando).
Boston12. Enjoy eternal sunshine and summer in Miami.
13. Get amazed by a grandeur of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in the valley.

Tourism in the United States is not possible for the simple reason that, having arrived here only for a week, you do not rest, but join its life, becoming a successful American. This country is universal usa2in all respects, and for tourist here was created the best conditions: abundant UV lovers can take pleasure on the beaches of Florida, and the adherents of active rest can try their strength on skis in the ski resorts of Aspen and Beaver Creek, spend nights long  in nightclubs of never sleeping Los Angeles and taste the forbidden “big apple” of New York, also suffering from chronic insomnia.  Be welcome to feel your own insignificance in front of  famous Grand Canyon and look into the eyes of the Statue of Liberty, lose a couple of dollars in a Las Vegas casino and soak up the spirit of democracy in the Oval office of the White house in Washington, raise the level of serotonin in the largest Disneyland in Orlando, and stroll through the Golden Gate in San Francisco …
san_fransisco Traveling to the U.S. – it’s a great way to immerse gloom into the eternal lethargy, and realize one’s long-cherished wish. America is like a luxurious lady who knows how to pretend to be a simpleton, and not fall in love with this miracle with a hot dog in one hand and with the national flag – in the other, is simply impossible.

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