Say “I love you” in Rome

Say “I love you” in Rome

Visiting Rome gives a strong feeling of meeting legends in reality. Be ready to walk the  streets that knew great ancient emperors and come to palaces and cathedrals of unbelievable beauty and size, that made the glory of the past and witnessed great events and tragedies. Many world-famous masters made glory of their eternal city, and the flow of history will certainly bring you through it.


It is rich both with ancient and medieval history, Barocco and Renaissance, so and you can give preference to any, or make visit to every of them. The cultural heritage of Rome is giant, and it comprises not only separate buildings, but whole ensembles worth admiring. Eyes will rejoice from the most beautiful buildings built to prove power and might, to impress and gain love of people.

To visit sights, you’d better set off early not to get into crowd.

St Peter’s Basillica is among the must visit places, it makes part of world culture heritage and was created by world famous artists.  It is the heart of Vatican and the whole catholic church, its decorations know no equals in beauty. Its huge dome is one of Rome symbols on every image.


Coliseum is the most known part of Rome architecture. There famous gladiatorial fights took place in time of Roman Emperors, and since it has known fires, earthquakes and forays that ruined it a lot.

Pantheon is a great pagan temple that originally served to warship many gods, and survived destruction only because of its christening. It’s dome has a hole letting a wide sun beam come in. This ray is so strong that is can almost be sensed.

Night view at St. Peter's cathedral in Rome, Italy

Night view at St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome, Italy

Trevi Fountain occupies an area of the whole place, and it is as beautiful as big. It represents a marine view of Neptune on his cart, and two women, representing health and prosperity. The fountain is known for making wishes come true. Try and profit from this belief!


Spending a romantic day in the capital of Italy will give you the whole bunch of memories and knowledge, for it’s not every day when the pages of history become alive. Become part of this city history and let it become a part of your own life story.



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