Paris for St. Valentine’s Day

Paris for St. Valentine’s Day

There’s only one St. Valentine’s day in the year, and it gives you only one opportunity to make it special. A romantic voyage to a special city will certainly make your day!

Paris is a city that is believed to be very romantic, it breathes with love and tender attention, and it will be glad to host another couple in search of appropriate ambiance for two who see no one but each other…

Hand in hand, you will get unforgettable memories of walking around its streets, visiting its famous places, seeing houses and works of famous dreamers who stayed in Paris for its special savor.

Paris respects tenderness and care of two lovers, their selfish desire to be left alone inside the crowd, it excuses unwilling kisses and hands kept tight. No matter whether you’ll choose a simple walk, a modern or classical art gallery, a world-famous opera, a street cafe or a boat trip along the river.


Here are just few ideas, Paris, surely, can not be fully visited in one day, but if your purpose is to be together, not discover the maximum of a new city, then it may be useful.

If you want to make your day really French, then a coffee house and croissant breakfast is just what is needed. Fresh bread is appreciated here, you can get it in every corner, under the signs of Boulangerie or Patisserie.


A walk along the central street, Champs Elysees, admiring architecture and bright crowd, getting to the Triumph arc and soon to the Eiffel Tower will be a great piece of romance and will give you a feeling of the boiling city of love. Once attracted by any small street leading away fro the crowd, take it and be sure to stay in architectural beauty and in quieter shelter.
As for the Eiffel Tower, it is impressive and beautiful, despite all the thousands of photos, day or night, it will still make your heart beat faster. And you will have your own first date with it, first glance that will be imprinted in your memory. Don’t underestimate its beauty.


French dinner, as you might want it, can not do without salad leaves, then a main course, a cheese plate and a dessert. It can take long in a good restaurant, for after every dish they give it time to “lay good” in your stomach and you’ll have your next course not sooner then 15 minutes later. French people are proud of their kitchen not less then of any other achievement and they propose it to you as a masterpiece, that needs due tie and respect.

A walk along the Seine, famous Paris river, or a trip on a tourist boat will be very spectacular. Have a glace at the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, get inside if you can, listen to the most charming chant. Don’t rush for too intense program, Paris is huge and one can explore it again and again. Enjoy its environment that makes souls younger, and profit from moments together, that if the best recipe for t Valentine’s mood.


If you want to see a different Paris, the one of prim and respectful Parisians, have a walk at the right bank of the city. There, you can also come to the Students quarter, Quartier Latin, and share the pleasure of knowledge and sharp mind.

The city of Paris can turn to you with any side you might want, it is in measure to make your visit a pleasure and a discovery, and of course, it will become one of the places you will want to return to.


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