New York walk hand in hand

New York walk hand in hand

New York is a dream city for every couple in love. If memories of your St. Valentine’s day will overlap those of your first time in New York, be ready to receive a gift of long and lasting relations. For hearts start beating stronger in this wonderful land of opportunities, attractions and diversity.

New York lays within the Manhattan island and beyond it on the main land. The most of activity and sights are concentrated in the island, and within your special day you will have more than enough entertainment in Manhattan, with no need to get to the residential districts on the other side of the river.


New York is called the most walkable big city in the US, and it welcomly opens its paths for a couple in love for their special day. Provided the weather is pleasant, it is better not to dedicate this day to any museums or other tourist attractions, but simply to have a nice city walk.

The heart of the city, it’s Central park is a pretty green clearing in the middle of skyscraper forest. It provides you with a perfect contact with nature, gives you possibility to slow down and enjoy calm and green. It’s a good place to stay in two, with no one else, and have a quiet walk and pleasant talk.


Broadway and the fifth avenue are the main streets of the city and walking along them will give you a certain image of New York architecture, that is worth seeing, indeed. You will meet churches, universities, libraries, hotels, business centers, shops and restaurants all the way long, and often buildings will astonish you with their creative conception, with huge dimensions, with strange harmony of different styles, altitudes and epochs gathered in one place.

Not less attractive is Hudson quay, prettily constructed for pleasure walks. In warm times you will enjoy fresh water breath, and beautiful view of the harbor with ships, bridges, and New Jersey on the other bank.


Evening time would be best spent with a Broadway musicle, pick up any – they are all great shows, and you can choose up to your taste. They charge with energy and great mood and will make a bright finishing of your day just for two.