South Male (Kaafu Atoll)

South Male (Kaafu Atoll)

South Male atoll, together with the North Male forms a single Kaafu atoll. South Male is separated from its northern part by Vaadhoo channel, and is stretches west to east for 19 km, and north to south for 36 km. Only three islands of the pearl necklace of the atoll is occupied with local people, 19 other paradise spots are turned into resorts and rejoice travelers all over the world with pretty lagoons and wonderful beaches.

mapTourist islands of South Male:

Villivaru and Biyadhoo are neighbor islands, located several dozen meters from each other, with dhonies shuttling between them. Paying for one of them, say, Biyadhoo Island Resort, travelers can enjoy all the benefits of the other, that is twice as good, for these islands are totally different: Biyadhoo is animated and joyful, and Villivaru is calm and wild. And divers will get two coral reefs in one time!
Beside coconuts, mangoes and bananas, on Biyadhoo they grow tomatoes, cabbage and biyadoocucumbers, treating tourists with fresh vegetable meals. You’d better choose angle villas, for they are more spacious. Local landscapes are never-to-be-forgotten, yet coast line is narrow and there’s no possibility to walk around the island alson sea line. It’s a divers stronghold, the most picturesque reef parts are accessible from here, and local diving center is well-known.  Villivaru has the same prices, chef cook and administration, but the island is a bit smaller and less green. Though, it is very calm and placid, steeped into atmosphere of idleness and comfort.

BolifushiBolifushi island is so small that one can walk around it in 5 minutes. Bolifushi Island Resort settles its residents in white bungalows with their leafy roofs melting into tree crowns. Beaches are gorgeous here, they are sandy and coral, and the lagoon makes great impression. Deep waters conquerors will be fully satisfied and excited! The restaurant provides self-service buffet, the majority of residents are Europen and Japanese.

Vaadhoo island locates one of the first Maldivian hotels. Inside this lagoon, in 1988 was worked out a detailed concept of water villas. Vadoo Island Resort hotel, or Vanadoo Diving Paradise was created for all those seeking retirement from noise and mess of modern civilization, merging entirely with paradise exotic nature of the tiny island, lost in endless expanse of the Indian Ocean. In the same time, the hotel will suit active sports fans, thanks to its developed infrastructure of water entertainments. Rich underwater world made the island popular among divers.

Velassaru island lays on the way of sea boats at service of islands. It is a beautiful French garden with multitude of scenting flowers and a bright palette of bougainvilleas. Picturesque landscape has nothing in common with traditional exotics of Maldives. Laguna Maldives Resort hotel has prepared for its guests 115 water suits, with balconies and terraces. The hotel has restaurants with Italian, Asian and European kitchen, there’s a swimming pool and a paddling-pool. Spacious lagoon is very comfortable for windsurfing.

Veliganduhuraa, a palm island, is comfortably located at the very edge of the reef, surrounding blue lagoon. It is on the other side of the wooden Dhigufinolhu bridge and really Naladhuclose to Bodu Huraa resort. A 350 meter long bridge leads tourists to a bar with gorgeous views. In case of settling in this piece of paradise, one can also visit neighboring sights. The island makes one of three tiniest Maldivian islands. Naladhu Maldives hotel can propose its guests only 16 bungalows, still two restaurants provide kitchen for different choices, and Dhigufinolhu residents often come here. Villas are simple and cute, they are complemented with terraces, but without any exotics. The place in the center of the lagoon is calm in quiet , and also offers opportunities for practicing favorite water sports activities.

AnantaraDhigufinolhu is a tiny island situated between two neighbor hotels. Anantara Resort Maldives wellcomes its residents in 70 luxury beach villas, and also 40 water villas. All the rooms are perfectly furnished, service is of the highest quality, there function a spa and a fitness centers. The hotel is also equipped with a swimming pool, tennis courts and a volleyball field.  Guest have possibility to dive, windsurf, parasail, and also snorkle and sail on canoe.

Kandoomafushi island, with its simple and unpretentions ambiance creates a special atmosphere, the most attractive for family couples. Kandooma Tourist Resort is a real Kandooma Resort 1treasure for divers, for it is located close to one of the most beautiful reefs, Guraidhoo natural reservation. There are almost no trees and flowers, beaches are scattered with pieces of corals. Still, the most interesting diving places are close at a hand. It would be cheaper to pay for this pleasure once you book your stay.

Olhuveli island will suit thrifty tourists, for Olhuveli view motel offers inexpensive service indeed, provided you book your room at hotel administration. Lush makes contrast to the shallow coast line, coming down to the lagoon. This sand bar locates beach villas, hidden in shadow of palm crowns. This place in magic in the whole, just pink villas constructions spoils harmony a bit. Atmosphere reminds of Caribbean style, bu has nothing to do with Maldivian exotics. Guests can enjoy meals in 3 restaurants, including Japanese kitchen, for most part of residents comes from the land of the rising sun. 109 comfortable beach villas and 13 water villas wait for guests, the hotel provides a swimming pool with sea water, one can fish in the ocean, play moni-golf and relax in sauna.

Rannalhi  is a nice island, favorite of Italians. Club Rannalhi hotel welcomes guests in 16 water villas and rooms in a long 2-storey house with palm tree roof. Animation team cheers up residents day and night, and you will love their program! Bars and restaurant are always crowded with tourists, and three plunges a day will be a pleasure for divers.

Rihiveli  island is the most French place in Maldives. One fairy lagoon contains several Rihiveliuninhabited islands – island of the Rising Sun and Bird island. Everything here disposes you to deepen into the atmosphere of holiday, and 48 bungalows with simple construction and interior stay at a distance from each other, not to break guests retirement. Eurodivers Rihiveli Beach Resort offers its guests a great bar with marvelous views over Maldivian sunsets, and water restaurant is not less brilliant. On the island if the rising sun you will be treated for free with grilled meals, and you don’t have to pay for sightseeing tours, shuttles to the diving places and all sorts of sports activities, with the exception of fishing and parachuting, are for free as well. There functions a good-quality diving school, named Eurodivers.

Makunufushi is one of the tiniest, but expensive Maldivian islands. Cocoa Island Resort has provided its guests with villas in the most possible closeness to water. Bungalows made of coral blocks and wood, crowned with palm leaf roofs, are not fitted with electrical equipment, they have no hot water supply. Yet the island itself is magnificent, for beaches are beautiful, cocoa Islandgreen plants are abundant, reef proximity and an ample lagoon make great impression. Here, residents have all conditions for deepening and practicing water sports, and they are offered free windserfing and canoeing.

Fihaalhohi is one of the most attractive islands with reasonable prices, not typical for high-quality service and high level of conveniences. Abundance of green plants and coconut palms, hammocks, hung at the very waterline, magic beach, lightened with tropical sun and sometimes shadowed with thick tree crowns. Sand is so tender here, that walking on it gives enormous pleasure! On Fihaalhohi Island Resort, all bungalows rejoice guests with pleasant comfort, and parents may not worry about lids, for the stuff is very attentive and can always look after a kid.

Embudu is an abundantly blossoming island, that suits perfectly swimmers and divers, for there’s a reef just in 40 meters from the beach. The lagoon is very beautiful, and no sharp coral pieces on the shore. Yet, streams are quite strong, for Embudu is sutuated inside the channel between North and South Male. Embudu Village hotel offers quite good numbers, but without a zest. Water villas are fitted with stairs for getting into cool sea waters right from the terrace. In the whole, the resort is unpretentious, but because of reasonable prices, it runs populatity, especially among French.

Rehendi Presidential Villa TajEmboodhufinolhu island locates one of the well-known chain of luxury hotels, Taj Exotica. The island is situated at 8 km distance from Hulule international airport and Male, the capital. High-speed boat transfer takes only 15 minutes. Guests will be welcome in 62 villas, among which 24 Lagoon Villas, Delux Lagoon Villas fitted with a swimming pool, Deluxe Beach Villas and Villa Suites with personal swimming pool, and also a Rehendi Presidential Suite.

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