Shopping in Male

Shopping in Male

Maldives is not a shopping country, for sure. And among its goods the only interest could represent exotic souvenirs and craftsmen objects, that are quite various on the island! Pay attention to the models of the traditional dhony boats, made of coral, wood and nacre. The most beautiful of them are made in black coral, thus don’t forget that these goods are very fragile.

shopping street

Fishing fans will appreciate souvenirs from shark jaws, and snappy dressers will love jewelery from India and Sri-Lanka. Maldives provide a large choice of pretty gewgaws made of red and pink coral; cane mats “tunda kuna”, cavered with fancy patterns are also remarkable.
Varnished souvenirs, that is jewel-boxes, vases and big round dishes with exquisite ornaments run popularity among tourists, along with t-shirts with painerd palms, fish and sailing ships, and there’s also a possibility to order the stencil of your choice. Ladies will love Indonesian batik and traditional dress of chocolate and cream hue. Coconut butter, shells, wooden statues, sarong, and, of course, diving equipment are also important. When shopping, remember that Maldivians bargain reluctantly and don’t make important discounts.
Unfortunately, crafts disappear little by little on the islands, and counters demonstrate Indian and Indonesian goods.

Hotel residents show constant interest in beach wraps and beach accessories, Balinese sculptures and shells. Capital street Chаndаneе Magu locates about 30 shops, and besides resort goods, one can find captivating books on flora and fauna of the Indian ocean. About ten years ago in all the stores there was a riot of souvenirs from turtle shells, but today turtle fishing is prohibited, and this good can not be met anywhere. Yet despite defense of shark fishing in close distance from tourist islands, souvenirs from shark jaws are sill on offer.

Sea fruit admirers are recommended to visit the Fish Market on Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu. Fishermen land in the afternoon, they debark their catch and send it to the market, away from burning sun rays. Among tunas, there also can be sea pike and sword fish. Choice of sea dainties is considered to be men affair, and women are not common visitors at the market. The trade place boards with a small Wooden market, where they sell coconut palms, a source of wood for house heating for Maldivians.maldives-fishmarket
Fruit and vegetable market, situated in the same street, exhales spicy scents. It offers its visitors an enormous variety of delicacies, brought from all the Maldivian lands. Local people prefer to buy small honey bananas, mangoes, fresh coconuts, banana passion fruit, papaya, onions and species, gathered on northern and southern islands of the archipelago. It’s only in this place that you will meet betel leafs and areca palm fruit – aborigines chew it together with lime after meal to improve digestion.You absolutely have to try a stick from honey and coconut pulp, wrapped into palm leaves, and also clear golden raha drink.

fruit market
A nice “Fantasy” supermarket with large choice of goods is open in Fareedhee Magu street. It is also a pleasure to shop in “STO Center” mall, where you can find everything a tourist needs. We advice you to stock up some shampoo and soup, for it is quite expensive on the islands. Water sports fans will find the best diving equipment shop “Water World” in Chaandhanee Magu street. In search of a coveralls, fins and masks you can also have a look at neighbor stores, like «Sheema dive shop and driving services» and «Sea sports». And those who can’t imagine their vacation without an interesting book,  there’s a pavilion on the third floor of  «STO Center» mall, and also «Novelty Orinters & Publishers» shop, offering literature on Maldivian culture and novels in English.

Male shops line up in a 10 minutes walk from the dhoni berth, and not far from a port in Chаndаneе Magu street, occupying so-called (Singapore Bazaar). Such an unusual name the district received because of the abundance of goods brought from Singapore. Here one can buy pictured t-shirts, varnished souvenirs, Indonesian and Indian silver jewelery and so on. Once a tourist comes ashore, he gets into a circle of street traders, vying each other when offering you souvenirs in their hands. Yet, their price is identical to the shop cost. Don’t hurry to pay, for the most decent souvenir shop with a wide choice of souvenirs stays under «Souvenir boutique» signboard, and t-shirts with the most exotic images are waiting for you in the «Lemon» store.

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