North Male (Kaafu atoll)

North Male (Kaafu atoll)

North Male atoll, together with the South Male forms a single Kaafu atoll. It comprises  8 fishing and 27 resort islands, and it is actually the main and the most tourist-visited atoll of the Maldivian Republic. Also, the capital of the Maldivian State, Male, is situated in this atoll. The islands, that are situated in the most proximity to the capital, are dwelling an airport, a poultry farm, a coca-cola plant, fuel stocks and other special needs.

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North Male islands, open for tourists:

Baros is a tiny green semicircle island, scenting fragrances of blossoming gardens and offering its guests 55 comfortable bungalows. Huts in the fairy lagoon, with wooden terraces are very Baroscute and provide wonderful views to sunsets. Perfect service, a restaurant and multitude of entertainments are at your service. Here you can water ski, and on the northern part there’s a reef just a few meters from the coast, and it is easily accessible by swimming. Baros Island Resort hotel is welcoming you here.

Boduhithi is an island, that is reserved exceptionally for Italians. The island has an amazing kitchen with reach assortment of pastas and most delicious fish dishes, all sorts of entertainments, beach vollyball and aerobics. This island is served by Coco Palm Bodu Hithi hotel.

Vabbinfaru island. 47 suits under palm tree roofs are placed on the beach and in the garden, rejoicing  Banyan Tree hotel residents with same comfortable villas. Natural chill of light rooms, terraces with ocean wides and neighbor island views, vivid green and original interior with plenty pretty trinkets… isn’t it a paradise? Here functions a gorgeous restaurant, one of three best ones on Maldives. Beauty and manual therapy salons are an honor of this place. Sports fans are offered free fishing, windsurfing, catamarans, diving and water ski. Hotel ambiance is very placid and romantic, the main part of residents are couples in love.

BodubandosBodubandos is one of the biggest islands, locating 220 bungalows on the seacoast, among tropical trees and coconut palms. It is situated 7 km away from the capital, that is 45 minutes of dhony sailing or 20 minutes of high-speed boat. Bandos Holiday Resort offers its visitors 2 restaurants, cafes and bars, souvenir stores, free kindergarten, all sorts of water sports activities, parachute jumping, and also a diving center, giving out PADI, Cmas and SSI certificates.

Gasfinolhu island is famous for various free-time activities, beaches and its most pretty lagoon. Still, it is too big to reach the reef by swimming, but “all inclusive” tours and marvelous Italian kitchen with wide choice of meals is beyond expectations. Gasfinolhu Island Resort hotel offers its residents 20 bungalows made of coral blocks are performed in traditional style, service is just great.

Giraavaru island with its Giravaaru Tourist Resort hotel is famous for its reasonable prices Giravaruand simple but convenient villas. The island has a big quality restaurant with international kitchen. The most part of residents are Italians. At your service there are tennis, water scooters, a swimming pool, a diving center. Divers will be pleasantly surprised with a coral reef near the coast.

Ihuru is  a nice round island in a shallow lagoon, that attracts tourists with its vivid ambiance, Italian Kitchen and entertainments. 45 private villas, crowned by palm leafs, are waiting for snorkeling, windsurfing, parachute sports and beach volleyball fans. Coral reef is very close by, to the mere joy of divers. Neighborhood with Vabbinfaru island is convenient for spa-lovers, yet discos and evening animation are just perfect right on this island, at Angsana Resort and Spa Maldives Ihuru hotel.

Kanifinolhu island is ready to receive you with its striking beautiful beaches, broad coasline and magic flora, just in half an hour of high-speed boat drive.  Low tides form shallows around the island, that makes possible barefoot walks along sandy waterline. Trees and bungalows are gorgeous. In the very heart of Kanifinolhu there grows a giant secular banyan, and under its wide crown sandy paths interlace, leading to the restaurants. We recommend you to club_med_kanichoose rooms on the ground floor, they are a bit more spacious and comfortable, and perfect water bungalows are just as good. The kitchen here is not too sophisticated, thus you will find the most delicious fish in the grill-bar, and Asian bar serves fresh-squeezed juices.
Traditional island entertainments is complemented by a good-quality football field with English lawn, where local games take place. Kids will be excited with a kids play zone, one can also order nurse service. The lagoon here is quite ample, and one has to reach the reef on boat, but two free passes a day are enough to plunge as much as one desires. Way-up waves unite in Club Med Kani hotel surfing fans, and one can learn up to coach level at the diving school.

Kudahithi is a small and quiet island. It is situated 20 km away from Male. Transfer on a high-speed boat will take 60 minutes, 4 minutes from Boduhithi hotel. Kudahithi Tourist Resort hotel works with “all inclusive” system. It locates its residents in 7 luxury bungalows, each of them is furnished in its own way and has a particular name: Balinese, Maharani, Rehendi, Safari, Captain, Sheick and Maldivian. Views from Safari, Maldivian and Captain open right over the sea, the other rooms look at the beach side. This island provides retired and placid rest, posh interiors in various styles, entire relaxation and merging with wild nature with breaks for meals in the Italian restaurant. There are no entertainment here, but one can wind down on the neighbor Boduhithi island.

Kudahuraa is one of the most amazing places in Maldives. Four Seasons Resort welcomes four seasons resortguests in 38 water villas, with suits made of wood and burned clay, and 25 of them have private pools. When taking a bath, you have an impression that blue clear waters of the lagoon are close at hand! There are also about 44 luxury beach villas, and three restaurants with wide choice will satisfy any taste. It is a perfect choice for holiday for two.

Kurumba is a pioneer island.  It was first-visited  by European travelers. You won’t find here exuberant wilds, it is more like a park, designed with French chic. Kurumba Maldives Hotel will be glad to meet you in its 125 bungalows, apartments and presidential rooms – it provides the most of comfort, yet the least of exotics. Service is high-level. There function a Chinese, a French and an Indian restaurants, you have at your disposal luxury swimming pools with soft water, decorated with amphorae and waterfalls, and also mineral waters. Italians are rare guest here, but many Englishmen and Frenchmen are coming to stay. Unfortunately, a dike and close distance to the airport spoil impression of the lagoon and don’t let take the entire pleasure from deepening into the lagoon.

Lankanfinolhu is a large retired island locating 260 comfortable bungalows. Paradise Island Resort and Spa managed to merge Maldivian particularities with European design, it provides developed infrastructure and respect to high standards.

Lankanfushi is a pleasant place in the middle of an ample lagoon. Soneva Gili hotel meets its guests in 34 bungalows with ocean view and 10 terraced villas. The environment is simple and unpretentious, there are only one bar and one restaurant. Panorama is a bit spoiled by dikes, breakwaters and a tennis court along the beach, but sportsmen like staying here.

hudhuranfushiLohifushi is a huge and beautiful island, smothered into green crowns of banana and mango trees. Rooms are furnished in style of the 70ths, with pretentious mirrors, mini-bars and caramel colored bathrooms. Hudhuranfushi Island Resort hotel offers its guests tree restaurants at any taste: with European, Italian and Asian kitchen, and fruit are served right from the grows. April to November is the time when surfers come here in big number, for they have opportunity to practice any water entertainments, such ans fishing in the open sea, great diving and snorkeling right at the island pier.

Makunudu is a small, rampantly blossoming island. Makunudu hotel offers its residents 36 ample bungalows along sea line. Cozy interior with beach view, bbq, self-service buffet and idle atmosphere. Holiday is very relaxing here, yet it is quite expensive. Many can feel bored here. Coral reef is easily accessible by swimming, there are nice places for deepening, where blanket fish could be met.

Medhufinolhu is a magic island, that managed to preserve authentic wild nature. Reethi Rah Resort welcomes all visitors in 60 bungalows made of wood and coral, with palm leaf roofs in Maldivian style, 10 of them are water bungalows. Interiors are simple, the bar is very cozy and the restaurant offers wonderful kitchen. The island is known for its good quality service and sailing tours on a peerless boat Madivaru, it has one of the best windsurfing schools, yet reef is situated at considerable distance from it.

Meeru Island Resort meerufenfushiMeerufenfushi island is the favorite of German tourists and one of the biggest Maldivian islands. Meeru Island Resort is ready to meet you in 136 wooden beach villas and 31 water villas, marvelous ocean view, magic lagoon, 2 tennis courts and a great manual therapy Duniy Spa salon. Yet there’s one disadvantage, for villas are lined in the way, that one has to use neighbor terrace. The restaurant is merely giant, but one has to take a boat to reach the reef.

Nakatchafushi is an island in the center of the lagoon on the west of the atoll, surrounded by sandy shallows from two sides. Nakatchafushi Tourist Resort welcomes its visitors in 55 nice-looking bungalows, surrounded by scenting grows. Three restaurants are serving guests, still the kitchen is not too recherche. The main residents of the island are German and Englishmen.

thulhaagiriThulhaagiri is a round island that settles one of the first Maldivian hotels. Thick tropical wilds, and also a wide sea line preserve their authentic natural state. Thulhaagiri Island Resort hotel opens for visitors holidays the doors of 59 bungalows, smothered in splendid green woods and bright colors of nature. It is an enormous pleasure to dine in a wonderful restaurant at sunset, or sip a cocktail in a bar over lagoon waters! The harmony is complemented by all sorts of water entertainments.

Farukolhufushi is an island that is much beloved by tourists, that’s why one has to book villas much in advance. Its only disadvantage is a daily plane flights and motor boats passing by, but it extremely popular among Europeans. Beaches are incredibly beautiful here, and local kitchen merits the title of legendary! Club Faru hotel locates its residents in Indonesian style cute three-story houses, with decor in dark colors, similar to South-Eastern Asia. Various open-air activities are waiting for you! Dance classes, canoe, windsurfing and many other activities are for free! Yet, the lagoon is not really suitable for snorkeling, but you have charter trips to the coral reef.

Furan-nafushi island used to be inhabited by Buddhists and was called Purana-Pura, but Full Moon Resorttoday it locates a luxury Full Moon Maldives hotel, residing important guests and reminding of a well-known Caribbean resort. A great mix of exotics and comfort in lands of a fairy-like lagoon. The hotel welcomes its residents in 156 terraced bungalows with ocean view, high-level service, 6 restaurants, discos, caraoke, tennis court, jacuzzi, bars and a giant swimming pool will please every visitor’s taste.

Helengeli‘s wild Northern part will perfectly suit divers and searchers of uninhabited islands. Helengeli Island Resort hotel provides minimal comfort, but all the 50 bungalows are equipped with air conditioners and hot water. This place is designated for dreamers and Robinsons, the shore that is overgrown with bushes leads to the lagoon with its sand bar. In times of monsoons night sea shore sparkles with multitude of plankton, representing an overwhelming show! One of the most beautiful coral reefs, Helengeli, is situated here. It wonders with treasures of sea flora and fauna.  It is recommended to deepen only when the sea is quite, for local streams are dangerous.

EriyadhooEriyadhoo is a small north-western island in some distance from sea routes, it smothers in wood of coconut palms. A narrow sea coast, coral reef that repeats its shape, bungalows that are united by two… It is one of the most beautiful places of Maldivian Republic! Eriyadhoo Island Resort offers its guests rooms that are wonderfully furnished, making contrast to landscapes, untouched by Eriyadhoo1civilization.  Local chef cook from Sri-Lanka prepares amazing fish, without stinting spices. Here you can taste incomparable desserts and Italian kitchen meals, you will meet sunsets in the bar in a shape of a star fish, and you will penetrate to reservation parks. The island is also a real catch for lovers of underwater treasures!

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