Lhaviyani (Miladhunmadulu Uthuruburi) Atoll

Lhaviyani (Miladhunmadulu Uthuruburi) Atoll

This atoll is situated 120 km away from Maldivian capital, that is why travelers come  to its islands by hydroplane. The atoll stretches 35 km north to south and 37 km west to east. Food and goods are brought here on dhonies, overcoming this important distance in 8 hours. Fadifolu atoll (one more atoll’s name) comprises 6 fishing and 4 resort islands.

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Kanuhura is a big island, fitted in accordance with the latest developments in technique and design. Every detail here is made with a lot of thought, and colonial style of the villas is immaculate. Monumental granitic bathtubs are located in closed backyards, and one can get down to the lagoon from water villas. One and Only Kanuhura hotel offers its guests the kitchen that is as great, as the rest of conditions. kanuhuraResidents have in their disposal a wonderful swimming pool, a fitness-center, jacuzzi, a manual therapy salon after the latest fashion, and also a library. In one word, all advantages of de luxe hotel.

Komandhoo  is an island, that is surrounded by a stripe of incompatible beaches, and  decorated with a sand bar, built up with new, octagonal bungalows. The hotel reminds of Swiss cottages. Komandhoo Island Resort welcomes its guests in spacious villas, that are furnished in an original way, not typical for KomandhooMaldives, for furniture is made of hammer iron. Every villa is fitted with a terrace with lagoon view. Canoeing and windsurfing are for free, as well as sightseeing tour and beach volleyball.

Kuredu is an island, famous for the most interesting diving places, that are not less than 40 here! Its great beach, slowly coming down to the lagoon is also worth attention. Kuredu Island Resort and Spa offers its guests 300 beach villas. In the animated center of the island all the entertainments are concentrated. There are 4 restaurants and a small football field. AnKuredu animation team provides sports leisure and merry evenings. And also, it’s a stronghold for divers. At the highest of tourist season, there can be up to 18 shuttles to coral reefs per day.

Madhiriguraidhoo is a bid island triangle with marvelous sandy shallow and abundant Palm beachtropical flora. In the center of the resort, there grows the most beautiful coconut grove. Palm Beach Island invites its guests to 80 private terraced bungalows  and 20 beach villas. Residents will be pleased with open-air bathrooms. The hotel is fitted with a swimming pool, fishing and sightseeing tours are free. The lagoon is giant and incredibly beautiful, it is suitable for all water sports but snorkeling. Divers can profit from shuttles to the reef.

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