Baa (also known as Maalhosmadulu Dhekunuburi) atoll

Baa (also known as Maalhosmadulu Dhekunuburi) atoll

mapThis administrative unit of Maldivian Republic has common capital, Eydhafushi, with Horsburgh Atoll. The Atoll stretches 32 km west to east and 42 km north to south, uniting 10 inhabited islands. Local people are busy in fishing, they also master a more profitable tourist serving skills. Underwater world is very rich and it astonishes with its most interesting diving places. Wonderful corals, that still stay untouched by divers, and also dozens of fish are waiting for hunters for ocean treasures!

Dunikolu is a paradise on earth with gorgeous views. In a small distance from the beach, villas are smothered into green. An incredibly attractive lagoon is laying in front of your eyes, and dolphins play near the coral reef, sharply coming down into deep dark waters. This place is a mere happiness for divers, it is beloved by birds and tortoises. One can endlessly praise Dunikolu, and it is doubtlessly worth it. It is not in vain that many people recognize it to be the best island of the Maldivian Republic! Make a tour of the island along the sea line, and you will not meet a single villa – they are hidden in trees branches. And only leafy roofs of the round bungalows could be seen from the coast…
Ample villas are furnished in Indonesian style, under the sky there’s a big bathroom, and suits have small personal swimming pools. Cafe and Maldivian kitchen restaurants  are the best in the country, local chef has worked for Jordanian kind himself! In the bar they serve Coco Palmthe most delicious cocktails, the hotel has beauty and manual therapy salons. Don’t hesitate to sail on dhony to a dessert island to see thousands of hurricane birds, coming at sunset to sleep over. On your way you will meet playful dolphins and turtles. Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu hotel is welcoming you on this island.

Soneva FushiKunfunadhoo is a blossoming island, hiding in sick tree branches 62 villas, divided into 8 categories. One is better than other, all of them remind of Robinson Crusoe, but they all are furnished in the most luxury way. Restaurants rejoice guests with comfort and exquisite kitchen, the residents are multinational and quite wealthy. It is easy to reach the reef by swimming, one can practice windsurfing  and sail on a yacht for free. Jogging fans will find a jogging path here, and pretty ladies will like manual therapy and beauty salons. This island is represented by Soneva Fushi hotel.Royal Island Resort

Horubadhoo is a green island with large lagoon at close distance from the coral reef for the pleasure of divers and water sports fans. And mosque ruins remind all guests of the rich ancient history of these places. Royal Island Resort and Spa hotel offers here quite comfortable rooms with all commodities, but, to bug regret, without anything outstanding.

Reethi Beach ResortFonimagoodhoo is surrounded with tiny desert islands. The resort owns 40 villas and 30 suits, spread at the western shore among abundantly blossoming trees. Kitchen in Chinese and Maldivian restaurants is just great, there’s a grill bar and a cafe in the on-water house. The visitors of Reethi Beach Resort are young people from Germany and Great Britain. One of the best Maldivian Sails clubs is functioning here. There are also tennis courts, squash fields, a sauna and a swimming pool. And, of course, a famous diving school, Managed by Robert Schneider.

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