Alif (Ari) Atoll

Alif (Ari) Atoll

Alif, or  Ari atoll, its northern part is also called Alif Alif, and the southern one – Alif Dhaal.


The Atoll sretches 33 km west to east and 96 km north to south. It is devided into two parts: Alif Alif, the northern part, and Alif Dhaal, the southern one. In its northern part, beside the main atoll, there is situated a small Rasdhoo atoll, and in the southern part – the atoll’s capital Mahibadhoo. The atoll comprises 70 islands, but only 18 of them are inhabited, and 25 islands are turned into resorts. Earlier, local people were busy in shark and turtle fishing, but since sea fishing is prohibited, they are occupied in tourist services.

Halavelihalaveli – the island is named after the hard tree “Ala” and surrounded with wonderful beaches anв sandbars, leading to the lagoon. This place is the most popular with people from Italy, but Halaveli ambiance is quite calm. The island is much valued by divers, for here one gets access to beautiful reefs and amazing sea reservations. The hotel that welcomes you on this island is Constance Halaveli Resort.

Angaagau – this island preserves Traditional Maldivian landscapes with eternal coconut palms, tropics and beaches, covering a quarter of the island. It’s curious that all the floors of hotel rooms are covered with sand. 50 bungalows, crowned with palm leafs, are waiting for visitors on the ground and 20 water villas are equipped with open-air bathroom and a terrace with ocean view. Tourists come here from all around, mostly they are Australians, Japanese and Europeans. This island is represented by Angaagau Island Resort hotel.

Athuruga is a small round island, welcoming its visitors to 42 bungalows and offering magic ocean views, opening from the restaurant and bar place. The only disadvantage is that breakwaters spoil the panorama, but “all inclusive” system smothers this minus with free sightseeing trips, windsurfing, equipment and tours on sailing boats. Coral reef stays not far from the beach, but prices in the diving school are high enough. This island hotel is called Athuruga Island Resort.
BathalaBathala is an oval island, framed into a coastline with wonderful beaches. Lagoon is almost unnoticable, but coral reef is very close to the shore. Amazing flora, yet coconut palms are rare, 37 round bungalows and great kitchen. The hotel is designated mostly for divers, and other sports leisure is not provided, yet you can take a sightseeing tour or play volleyball. Bathala Island Resort is at your service on this island.


Vakarufalhi is a small blossoming island with traditional dwellings, hidden in shadow of wide-branching palms. Bungalows are near in hand to the sea, bathroom is under the sky… Here rules an idyll atmosphere of indolence, so much appreciated by tourists from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Vakarufahli Island Resort opens its doors for you on this island.

Veligandu is a cute and cozy island will be appreciated by those preferring calm beach holiday, swim in cool lagoon waters and spend evenings in bars. One side of the island is built over with bungalows on piles, and sandy shallows of another side is mysteriously sparkling with plankton. The hotel is performed in Maldivian style, with abundance of pink and white-blue colors. Its runners honestly believe that they are the colors of love. Exquisite kitchen, tables in restaurants are situated close by water, and coral reef if easily reachable by swimming. All the guests of the island will be warmly met by Veligandu Island Resort.

Velodoo is a flourishing island, that welcomes guests in 80 spacious beach villas and 20 water bungalows. Still, houses stay too close to each other. The hotel has two restaurants and a bid bar, there’s also a sauna and a diving school. The main guests coming here are underwater discoverers. This island is served by Velidhoo Island Resort.

Vilamendhu  is an estonishingly beautiful island that managed to keep virgin nature. Coconut Angaagaupalms and banyans woods, large beach with pretty shallow provide entire overlook of local flora. Villas are furnished in rococo style, they have wide terraces. The hotel has a swimming pool and a tennis court. This is a great place for those who are in love with snorkeling, for coral reef is just 10 meters away from the beach and the barrier reef has 5 entrances that lead to the open sea. Here dwell a lot of fish, octopuses, and eagle rays. Among the residents, about a half came for diving. You’d better take your equipment from home, for local rent prices are quite high. This island’s ready to locate you in Vilamendhu Island Resort hotel.

Viligilivaru is the island that Italians affectionate, it stands in close distance from a reef. A narrow beach line stretches along bungalows, a restaurant and a beach. Residents play beach volleyball and sunbathe near a splendid lagoon. Still, it is not deep enough to practice water sports, but a 2 km-long coral reef attracts divers like a magnet. To become residents of this island, look for Ranvelo Village and Spa hotel.

Gangehi is a small island at a distance from other resort places of the atoll, in the lead of the reef. “All inclusive” package includes free deepening, canoe sailing and sightseeing. Spacious pretty water bungalows and traditional houses under palm leaf roofs are perfectly matching the landscape. The kitchen is just great, and you can get to the reef by swimming. The island is represented by Gangehi Island Resort hotel.

Dhiddhoo Finolhu is a narrow island with abundant flora, you will easily make a tour of it in an hour. It offers to its residents ample villas, a restaurant and three bars. It is not expensive to stay here, and many French people arrive here in winter. Sport lovers who don’t care too much about comfort will love this place. The coral reef is near coastline, one can ride water scooter and ski, play football, badminton and volleyball. This island’s hotel is White Sands Resort and Spa.

Dhiffushi is a long narrow island in the southern part of the atoll, from its coast you can watch ocean waves break over the reef ten meters from the beach. 142 ample bungalows with ocean view, restaurants with European and Asian food, a 24hours cafe are waiting for you. This island’s pastimes are sea ski and scooters, fishing in open sea, sauna, tennis, basketball and snorkeling. It is possible to sail to a fishing island. Just in case you decide to get there on your own, don’t let administration know. Holiday Island Resort is welcoming you on this island.

Kudafoludhoo island is named after a splendid banyan ficus tree, growing here. It meets its guests in the most luxury hotel. Every bungalow has a hall and open air bathroom, there are small gardens all around. The whole design is performed in the shape of a shell, houses are at considerable distance from each other and dense plants are almost hiding them. Residents can sunbathe on their private part of the beach and one feels that this quiet nook belongs to no one but you.  The restaurant and the bar are luxury. The ambiance is calm and quiet, and a small lagoon strikes with its beauty, inviting to practice snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, fishing or canoe sailing. This island is represented by Nika Island Resort hotel.

Kuramathi is a unique island that locates three hotels at once, providing tourists with large choice. Once on its territory were discovered rests of an ancient Buddhist temple. The resort has 50 wooden water bungalows and 30 beach villas, light rooms are furnished in rattan cane items, a luxury spa-center is to your service. There are also villas with tiled roofs. Convenient location of the island permits divers explore underwater beauties of Ari and Radshoo atolls. This island is represented by Kuramathi Tourist Resort.

Madoogali is a charming green and blossoming island with sandy beaches, sands as tiny as flour, and an amazing lagoon. Here, nature is taken a lot of care of – when turtles come to an island to lay eggs, the team gathers them, and when little turtles hatch and grow, they are let out for independent life in the sea. 50 comfortable bungalows in Maldivian style with terraces and great meals from Italian kitchen are waiting for you! Madoogali Tourist Resort will greet and locate you on this island.

Maafushivaru is an island that astonishingly managed to locate 38 villas and 10 water bungalows. Splendid beaches make holiday unforgettable, and only dikes around this piece pf paradise, spoil view a little bit. The lagoon provides possibilities for different sports, and a coral reef is so close to the shore that divers will Maafushivarueasily get there by swimming. Twin Island Resort welcomes you here.

Machchafushi is a tiny island with a magic lagoon and beaches, offering to its guests 48 villas, and from 10 water bungalows one can come down right to the sea. Coral reef is very close by, and swimming conditions are great. Quiet atmosphere and good kitchen, early deepenings and sailing classes are waiting for Machchafushi Island Resort residents.

Maayafushi – beautiful landscapes of this crescent-shape island and an amazing beach with 2 large shallows will conquer your heart! 60 comfortable villas with sea view, a restaurant with wide choice of fish menus and private atmosphere make great holiday. Evenings are calm, with no entertainments, night deepening tales place once a week. Guests are offered a 2 day “Robinson Crusoe” trip to an uninhabited island, and meeting a sword-fish. Near Maayafushi there are the most interesting diving places. To get to this island, book villas in Maayafushi Island Resort.  

Mirihi is a small island near a coral reef, it is called by a name of a yellow-flowered bush, Mirihigrowing on Maldivian islands and chasing away snakes. 30 water villas and 6 beach villas rejoice their residents with simple and pleasant ambiance, though there’s no way down to the lagoon. You can have there all sorts of sports entertainments, there are numerous sightseeing tours and a manual therapy salon. The lagoon is wonderful for sailing sports. This island is represented by Mirihi Island Resort.

Moofushi is a small island offering its visitors 45 beach villas and 17 water bungalows, and also manual therapy services. It is hard to get there, and it’s hardly worth trying. Erosion has almost ruined beaches, laying dikes open. Constance Moofushi Resort is welcoming its guiest on the island.

Nalaguraidhoo is a big island offering services of the biggest Maldivian hotel with 350 comfortable villas. This crowded resort has entirely lost its traditional style – everywhere can be seen roads and minibuses, along with concrete buildings. And only a marvelous beach and bungalows, separated from the sea by a wide line of trees, remind of the authentic island beauty. For the rest, the island could be compared to a luxury villa on a sea shore. There are 6 restaurants, open 24 hours long, some of them are over water, and the main one has an extremely wide range buffet. Here one can find a real shopping gallery with a jewelery shop, souvenir stores, a video store and a photo repair shop, and also a sports club, a swimming pool and four tennis courts. To get to this island, book your villa in Sun Island Resort hotel.

Rangali-Finolhu.  A wooden bridge joins two beautiful islands where Hilton hotel is located. 100 private villas and 28 water bungalows inside a splendid lagoon, 4 restaurants, 2 bars, manual therapy and spa salons, and steadily high service. The whole range of traditional entertainments, including fishing, parachute sports, diving and sea ski. This island is served by Hilton Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel.

Thudufushi  is an island with a great beach with a wide sand strip, fringing the island. Around a wide lagoon there line up 47 bungalows, guests are offered a various kitchen, and “all inclusive” package comprises not only drinks in bars and restaurant meals, but also a choice of tourist trips and the most part of sports entertainments. There’s a great spa-center, a diving equipment rent center, sailboats rent and canoeing for free. Coral reef is in close distance from the shore, though despite proximity to interesting diving places, diving fans are not often staying in Thudufushi Island Resort.

Huvahendhoo island, to great regret, didn’t manage to keep special charm of Maldivian exotics, and spilt-type houses are performed in European style. Yet villas are very ample, especially those on the water. “All inclusive” package comprises all entertainments and traveling tours, except for diving. But there’s one disadvantage: stairs from the terrace lead in water not to the sand bottom, but to the coral surface, where it is impossible to step barefoot. During low tide it is quite shallow here, and there’s a dike along the reef. Still, the ambiance on Huvahendhoo is great, and kitchen and services are beyond any compliments. This island hotel is Lily Beach Resort and Spa.

Fesdhoo is a tiny green island in the very heart of Ari atoll, buit up with 78 very comfortable villas in Maldivian style and gorgeous restaurants. In the hotel there’s a Spa center, one can practice all kinds of water sports, and a coral reef is at close distance from the shore. It is easy to get from there to the most interesting places of the barrier reef and Rasdu atoll, where an amazing diving is waiting for you. You must absolutely have a look at a sunken ship “Fesdu Wreck”, that is not far away from the island. This island is served by W Retreat and Spa Maldives.sunken ship
Ellaidhoo is a north-esatern island, that spreads near the most magnificent diving places, it is extremely popular with travel agencies, specializing on diving tours. Most residents are already experienced in diving, and Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo offers to them 50 convenient villas in traditional style. On its territory there’s a small football field. Diving school is just great, there are constant tourist trips with several places of interest visited in one day.

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