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Who Are We ?

We’re a team of enthusiastic world discoverers. Often, looking for new destinations, or doubting about where to go, we make a deep research before launching into the adventure. Or, sometimes, we just need a fresh idea about a new destination. What is hidden behind this or that country name? What is common there, what is particular? travelWhat is unique and what is traditional? We are going to travel around the globe and satisfy our curiosity! And you are welcome to join us.

Can you share your ideas and impressions?

You are very welcome to share your traveling experience or simply set a question about some place, and we’ll be glad to post those in our site pages, mentioning your contribution. Our  goal is following our dreams in voyaging to any place of the planet, and those who belong to the same adventure race, will certainly understand and probably help us. Don’t stay aside, communicate your voyage experience, let more people discover and learn, feel and keep in heart the beauty of our planet.

We appreciate all cooperation and ideas, so hope to here from you soon!


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