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Vaavu (Felidhu) atoll

It is situated 65 km from the Maldivian capital Male (90 minutes on a high-speed yacht, or 5 hours on a common vessel). This atoll represents an interesting geogaphical phenomenon,

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Baa (also known as Maalhosmadulu Dhekunuburi) atoll

This administrative unit of Maldivian Republic has common capital, Eydhafushi, with Horsburgh Atoll. The Atoll stretches 32 km west to east and 42 km north to south, uniting 10 inhabited

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Alif (Ari) Atoll

Alif, or  Ari atoll, its northern part is also called Alif Alif, and the southern one – Alif Dhaal. The Atoll sretches 33 km west to east and 96 km

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Shopping in Male

Maldives is not a shopping country, for sure. And among its goods the only interest could represent exotic souvenirs and craftsmen objects, that are quite various on the island! Pay