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Maldives. How To Travel To.

There are numerous possibilities to get to the capital of Maldives, Male, from world capitals. It is possible to find one- or multiple stop flights. As for European capitals and


Maldives. Service.

All along your vacation every service you profit from is recorded on your room account, and you can pay in 24 hours before your departure in cash or by credit


Maldives. How To Chose An Island

Holidays on Maldives will provide you with an idle delight on an Indian Ocean coast. One can sunbathe on snow-white sands, sipping ice cocktail, or watch local sites, or also


Maldives. About.

Republic of Maldives could be compared to a chain of 26 links, that is atolls, comprizing 1190 paradise islands, spread in turquoise waters of the Indian ocean and framed into