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Honeymoon of your dream in Maldives

Maldives are a dream place of every just-married couple, it’s a perfect match of exotics, comfort, beauty and privacy, where two people in love can stay alone, face to face

Maldives World

Faafu (Nilandhe Uthuruburi) Atoll

It’s a small atoll of oval shape. It has a second name, Northern Nilandhe. The atoll spreads 21 km west to east and 45 km north to south, it includes

Maldives World

Seenu (Addu) Atoll

Southernmost atoll, situated right at equator. It stretches 15 km southnorth and 18 km eastwest. The atoll is composed of five islands: northern Meeddhoo and western Hithadhoo, Gan, Feydhoo and

Maldives World

Raa (Maalhosmadulu Uthuruburi) atoll

Raa atoll is a northern neighbor of Baa atoll, and constiture with it a single administrative atoll, named Maalhosmadulu. Raa atoll has only one tourust island, Meedhupparu, with its welcoming